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Here's what our customers are saying...

"I purchased a Nobilis Computer from Stutz Computer Designs. This computer has served me extremely well and I have encountered no problems with it whatsoever. I find it a relief to finally own a system that is efficient, reliable and fast. Also the set up by Christopher Louwaert was done in a professional and courteous manner. I highly recommend Stutz Computer Designs."

- Norman Fickett, Pleasant Ridge 

"For nearly 10 years, we have used Stutz Computer Designs for computer service and instruction and are very pleased with the assistance they provide. Whether it's a home service call or immediate help over the phone, they've been responsive, knowledgeable and always professional. We're especially satisfied with the Nobilis computer we purchased directly from Stutz Computer Designs. Instead of the usual off-the-shelf "on size fits all," we bought a computer suited to our specific needs at a competitive price."

- Mr. and Mrs. D, Farmington Hills

"I own a Nobilis desk top and a Nobilis lap top. Both were custom-built to suit my computer needs and goals. I'm far from being tech-savvy- I simply wanted a high-quality, smooth-running desk top and lap top that were as maintenance free as they could possibly be. I think I came close. Chris Louwaert, my Stutz Computer Designs "guru" built these computers to be efficient, practicable, expandable and easy for me to flow back and forth from desk top to lap top. Chris informed me that Nobilis products have an exceptional performance record with components coming from the leading manufacturers. I very much appreciated that Nobilis computers are assembled locally. I greatly appreciate Chris' knowledge and expertise in building me two terrific computers and providing me with the education to use them successfully.

- Howard Israel, Bloomfield Hills